Tuesday, April 8, 2008

more coffee, please

It was a late night (up working on a new promo) and I am having a hard time getting things in gear this morning. The sun is shining outside though (which certainly helps) but I may just need to grab a second cup of coffee. ;)
I am posting a "snippet" sketch of the new promo I am creating and would welcome feedback. I will try and post some progression snippets of the composition as I go along. Thanks for stopping by.


Diana Evans said...

Hi Lisa...your sketch is lovely...what a wonderful bunny and I love all the line work..

Can't wait to see the finished piece...


Lisa M Griffin said...

Thanks, I am excited about this promo.

rbaird said...

Hi Lisa,
Your work is lovely.

Glad you decided to blog.
You meet such wonderful people from all of the world.