Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thank you, Fannie! And day 11 of challenge

These delightful and amazing ATCs arrived from Fannie this week. She traded with me for the sweet embroidered birdhouse and then included three more for my children! If you haven't checked out Fannie's site (see her link at the right), you need to hop on over for a peek today. It is filled with beautiful, intricate, work as well as lovely stories. I am happy to call her my friend, she is truly an inspiration.

Also forgot to post earlier... day 11 of the creative challenge "cards". We love to play all sorts of card games in this family. It's fun as well as being a great way to spend some family time together. For this illustration I decided to try using the computer as a tool again. I created a rough sketch in pen & ink and wanted to make it interesting with REALLY cropping the image this time. I probably could have cropped it even more... Then I moved on to adding color in Photoshop again and also overlaying some of the lines to make them darker. So, with my second attempt at using the computer as an illustration tool, I think that I can honestly say that I like it in terms of it being a quick and easy way to test a color palette. Going forward, I may do this more with my comps, lay in some quick swatches of color until I nail the ones I would like to use in the finish piece. Then print it out as a guide for when I apply color by hand to the final illustration. Otherwise, I think I will stick to my watercolors, gouche and pencils and pens!


Fannie said...

You're Welcome, Lisa! I'm glad they arrived safely. So happy we traded. It was an excellent trade for me. Hope you feel the same.

Have a fun and safe weekend. Say Hi to the kiddies. Take care.

ValGalArt said...

How wonderful!!!

Diana Evans said...

Hi Lisa...what a wonderful gift from Fannie...her work is amazing....and I love your cards illustration...what fun!

Melissa & Emmitt said...

hi lisa!
i love both of your sadie illustrations!
the atc's fannie made are wonderful. she is so special.
and i love the way you use your digital knowledge. i think it so much fun to learn new techinques and pick and chose the tools that make us happy.
wonderful work!