Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day 20 of creative Challenge "Breathe"

Todays creative challenge is a mermaid ATC entitled "Breathe". It was done in prismacolor and pencil on bristol board. 

It has been really hot here this week! I did my best to set aside some time to spend in the pool with the kids. They love the water and could spend hours in the pool if we let them. There is something about being in water that is so relaxing. Have you ever taken a moment to really feel the water as you are swimming? Seriously. When my arms pushed through the water it felt like they were moving through liquid velvet. I was in the pool, relaxing for what felt like the first time in days and my whole body just seemed to say "Ahhhhhh".  As I enjoyed swimming in the water, surrounded by my own little "school of fish", I began visualizing all sort of mermaids.... what would a day in the life of a mermaid be like?



OK...not fair...I suffered through this NH heat this week too :) ...without a pool.

Seriously, what a lovely and "cooling" illustration !!

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Hi Lisa!
I love that you are so present in everything that you do, being a great mom, creating a new piece of art, or swimming!
You are a special person and I love your new mermaid.
:) Melissa

Chrissy Fanslau said...

Nice colors! :)

Diana Evans said...

oh wow Lisa...your mermaid is beautiful....she has a very cooling effect...wonderful work dear friend.!!!

Lisa M Griffin said...

You know... I hadn't even realized but my last few posts have been really "Cool-centric". I guess when the temps reach the 90's it becomes reflected in my art. Thanks for all the comments, you guys really keep me going and motivated!

ValGalArt said...

oh it must be the best thing to be a mermaid! love this Lisa and I got your message on Monday Artday and I would love to make you something, I haven't done it in a while (atc's that is :)) as I have been working on that houscape that I posted for wide and it is taking all my time but I hope to be done soon to have a fun summer!