Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New SLR Camera!!!

I have been having an absolute blast with my early birthday present... a new Nikon! Here are a few of the shots that I have taken in the past few days. I wish that more of my flowers were still in bloom, as I love taking pictures of them and all the little creatures that they attract. Enjoy these snippets of nature, - I hope that they inspire as well.
Thanks for popping in today, I am off to take some more pictures. =)


Diana Evans said...

oh wow Lisa...these are have a great eye for taking the perfect photos!!!!

I think you should use these in your cards too...stunning!!!!

Have fun taking more photos and please post them for everyone to enjoy...


Chrissy Fanslau said...

What fun! :O) These are lovely & I'm sure will be very popular! Enjoy your day ...

Lisa M Griffin said...

Thanks so much Diana, I am debating what to do with some of these photos, besides making some nice matted prints. Cards would be nice!

Thanks for your compliments as well Chrissy.

vanessa said...

Thanks so much lisa for you kind and encouraging words. They keep my spirit lifted and makes me want to do my very best each time I pick up a pencil or brush. YOU HAVE SUCH A GREAT EYE! These pictures are just totally amazing. Are you going to paint picture or something? They would make great prints to sell. Awesome job Lisa. Just simply awesome.

Lisa M Griffin said...

Thanks Vanessa, I enjoy photography but consider it still more of a hobby than a profession. =) Often, I used the photos as research for my illustrations, but with this new camera, I do want to find other outlets from my photos.

marianne said...

Perfect pictures!
Congratulations with your Nikon!
I also got a Nikon as an early birthday present this year, love my camera!
have lots of fun with it!
Look forward to see more of these beautiful pics!
Love >M<

Elizabeth Parsons said...

very nice photos!