Monday, August 25, 2008

Watercolor Wednesdays - Magic Wand

I had so much fun with this prompt for Watercolor Wednesday! As soon as I read it, a vision of a little blue water fairy popped into mind. Grabbing a sheet of vellum, I began to loosely sketch and toyed with the idea of the magic wand she would hold. I wanted it to look natural, as if she had just created it from a flowert... or maybe she caught a drop of dew from a magic flower. I began thinking all about her... what kind of charmed life she lived, what sort of magic did she create with her pretty little wand? All these thoughts dancing around my head, while I happily painted layer upon layer and then finished with a "trimming" of prismacolor.
When I stepped back to view the final result, I had to smile because I realized that I had just created my own little version of the Dew Drop Fairy. 
What is it about a fairy that is so beguiling and enchanting? Especially this little fairy with her own special secret hiding behind that soft smile, a secret that she wouldn't even reveal to me.

Have a great night! ;)


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi lisa!
she is just magical and so is your story of how she came to be. so inspiring. i can tell you enjoyed the whole process!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Hi Melissa-
Love the new avatar! So cute!!! Thanks for stopping by today, and yes, she was a lot of fun to work on. :)