Monday, December 15, 2008

Ice Storm

If you live in New England, like I do, you become accustomed to a plethora of weather... and try to roll with the punches, because you live here... right? Well, the Ice Storm that came through last Thursday night was pretty scary. We lost power around 10:30pm that evening and went to bed under extra covers, listening to the snapping of limbs and crashing of trees in the distance... not my best nights sleep. Thankfully, any damage that we sustained was pretty minor and the most difficult part of the whole experience was entertaining three kids. =)
After "camping out" in our family room in front of the fire for a few nights, we were lucky that our power was restored at 11:00pm on Saturday night -  truly, I channeled Tom Hanks in Castaway when he finally creates fire - bouncing around on the couch saying WE HAVE POWER! I can go without a lot of modern conveinences, but working toilets and hot showers is not one of them. =)
Hopefully, everyone will have their power restored soon as well - more than 300,000 homes in Mass. and NH still don't have power - and that those families at least have someplace warm to go. We had spent the day with friends in town on Saturday, they kindly took us in for showers/baths/dinner, which really helped lighten our moods... well, mine was probably the only one that needed lightening at that point. =)
I have posted a few photos that I took on Friday, after the storm. It was surreal how the entire landscape was coated and sparkling in ice.... and then the sun came out and there was a gorgeous sunset, hope springs eternal. 
This will certainly be a Christmas to remember. Count your blessings today!


Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh my goodness lisa!
i am so glad all of you are safe and sound!

Diana Evans said...

WOW Lisa.....glad you all are safe and sound...I love the photos....wonderful...

I have taken some cool shots during an ice storm....amazing scenery....


marianne said...

OMG Lisa!
It sure looks magical, but scarry!
Glad you are ok and the power is back! Lucky you had a fire place!

the landscape looks amazing!
Saw some pictures at Suki as well......

Beautiful, but for you and all other families I am glad it is over!

Warm hug!

Fannie said...

I'm glad to hear you're okay, Lisa. The pictures are beautiful.

Chrissy Fanslau said...


I've been reading about that ice storm on the news and was thinking about you. I'm glad everyone's okay and you got all your power back. A few years back in the middle of the night we lost power when it was 40 below zero out. Certainly weren't happy when we woke up seeing our breath, but thankfully that outage was no more than about 6-8 hours long. Can't imagine 3 whole days!

Love the pictures you took. Surely this'll be a winter for you to remember ... Happy holidays. =)

Tom Barrett said...

Glad the power is back on and everyone fared well! Been watching it on the news. Amazing stuff!

Love the photo of the frozen berries!

Roberta said...

Brrr.... that's some frosty weather. glad your toesies are a bit warmer now!


I'm glad you are back up and running...we are still out here in Peterborough and low on's cancelled all week....maybe until Jan 5...what a holiday season !!!!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Certainly counting my blessing after this good read. We are scheduled to be hit in the morning with a really bad storm. I have already gone to the store and I plan to stay in and work. The road is no place to be out there. I am glad that all of your family is safe. Take care.

Lisa M Griffin said...

Thanks for all your well wishes everyone!