Tuesday, December 9, 2008

IMT & a lovely Award.

I am truly amazed at how so many of you are able to still balance so much with the holidays fast approaching. While our house is decorated to the brim inside and out, the stockings are not hung by the fireplace with care, and the cookie baking has just begun! And lets not forget about all the wonderful, homemade gifts, that I hoped to share. Most of my journals are completed, but the other "hobby" that I began a few months ago - knitting - is still coming along. I truly enjoy the process of selecting yarns (all those colors and textures) and once I get in the "knitting zone", it is like therapy - but I am a few scarves short of my Santa List. So my entry for Inspire Me Thursday this week, is a snapshot of a few of my scarves (all done in the one stitch I am proficient in, garter stitch). Once the holidays are over, I may have time to craft one for myself. =)

I also wanted to send out a big THANKS to Carli for the lovely blog award that she bestowed on me. Her blog is always so charming and fun, stop by for a visit today to see some of her delightful illustrations. And in the spirit of the season, I want to pass this award along to all of you - it is always such a wonderful feeling when you can share with others!

Have a great day - I need to run out and mail Santa Letters now. Be sure to check back later this week for more holiday illustrations.



I'm in the same boat...frantically trying to finish two Christmas scarves...garter stitch of course, but I do find that so relaxing :) Better go and finish the cards....

Diana Evans said...

oh wow ....lovely scarves!!! you have been busy I see....

Wonderful work !

oh I can't wait to start the Holiday baking!!! yumm


Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous! Knitting a scarf can be so therapeutic :D

Great blog by the way, I love your artwork :)

Liz x

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi lisa!
your knitting is beautiful!

marianne said...

Wonderful scarfs. I always wonder where everyone finds time for everything.......
So nice that you make your own presents!
have a nice day!

Chrissy Fanslau said...

Cute scarves, Lisa. You truly are multi-talented! =) I wish you and your family a safe & happy holiday season.

~ Chrissy

Fannie said...

Love the scarves. Looks like the holidays find you happily busy. Nice.

Beautiful work and deserving award.

Have a fun day!