Tuesday, April 21, 2009


As teased yesterday, I am posting some of the NEW charm pendants I have been working on. These are a few of the designs that will be added to my Etsy shop later this week. I have been experimenting with new bails, paint techniques and lots of beads too. So much fun!!! Be sure to leave some feedback on them, I am (as always) curious about what you think.
Besides being busy with stocking up my store, I have been working on my spring promo (hopefully it won't turn into a summer promo) and finishing up some design work too. Never a dull moment, but that is what makes life interesting.


Leslie said...

I think these are wonderful! It's such a cute idea in the first place, and these new designs look great. Looking forward to checking out what you put in your store.


what fun pendants !!!

Diana Evans said...

oh how wonderful Lisa!!! I love the new pieces...so clever to evolve and make new changes to these....great work!!!


Lisa M Griffin said...

Thanks everyone! I am really excited about this new "line".
Have a good day.

Diana Evans said...

Hi Lisa!!!

I’m hosting a postcard giveaway at my blog! You can enter to win 250 of your custom printed postcards to promote your work….pop by!!!


Anonymous said...