Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October KRU is out!

Ta dah! Here is the latest issue of Kidz Rule USA, which is the monthly family magazine that I work on. I am extra proud of this issue because one of my photographs was selected for the cover! Still busy wrapping up design projects and sketching, sketching, sketching for the children's book AND trying to get a jump on some of my Christmas presents. Yes, I did say Christmas presents - I have been "creatively crazy" knitting and wire wrapping some jewelry and embellishing journals.

This is the time of year that I feel there isn't even a spare moment to come up for air. And from visiting many of my other creative blog buddies, I can tell that I am not alone in this matter.

Happy Wednesday and thanks for checking in with me today. =)


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

You are busy, busy, BUSY and this is great. What fabulous work. WHO KNEW??? he he he! I'm not at all surprise cause you are super talented!

Diana Evans said...

oh so wonderful that you are so busy with wonderful projects!!!! I love this cover...what a cool photo and your work is always amazing......

Hugsssssssssss and congratssssssssss


Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi lisa!
oh congratulations! i think this issue needs a frame!

i cannot wait to see all of the projects you are working on!

marianne said...

Oh wow Lisa, you are busy!
But with nice things and projects, so that's just great.
Cool your picture was chose for the cover, but no wonder it is such a cheerful bunch of happy kids and a perfect Halloween picture.
Please take time to breathe! ;)

Have a nice day!

Fannie said...

great cover, lisa. congrats on the selection. fantastic!!!!

ValGalArt said...

Congratulations on the cover photo Lisa that is awesome and the picture is so wonderful! You are a star :)