Friday, March 26, 2010

New Website

Very excited to announce that my new website and URL is up and running! This project has been on-going for a little while, so it is with great pride and yes, RELIEF, that I can know direct an audience to it. My old website/email will expire at the end of April, so please take note of the new address.
Have a great weekend~


Kelly Medina said...

The new site looks great! You are inspiring me to get my update finished. Thank you!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Thanks for checking it out Kelly and good luck with yours. =)

Eric Barclay said...

Your new website is wonderful, and so is your portfolio of work!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Thanks for checking in Eric and for your positive comments. Have a good weekend.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi lisa!
oh your new website is just fabulous!
i just love everything about it. clean, inviting and very easy to navigate.

Lisa M Griffin said...

Hi Melissa-
Thanks for your feedback as well. =)

Chrissy Fanslau said...

Nice site, Lisa! Really great work.

marianne said...

Wow I love your site Simple yet beautiful and easy to navigate.
It looks fabulous!