Monday, June 21, 2010

New Painting & My Biggest Fans!

A little 5x7" painting that I created last week and wanted to share. This was a gift, but since I enjoy working in these smaller sizes - they are like mini-creative boosts to the artistic soul - that you may see more to come throughout the summer.
And my next share is of my biggest fan base in the world! What a thrill to see them enjoying my latest children's book and even giggling at the story and pictures. ;)
Have a wonderful Monday-


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

OOOOOOH , OOOH, OOOH!!!! How cute are your fan!!! Oh Lisa I know where they get those fabulous looks from too he he he he! They are each so adorable. You've got your own fan club. Can I join??? The cover looks so wonderful. I wish you all the very best. Hope you sell out in less than a month!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Of course you can join in, the more the merrier! ;)

Diana Evans said...

oh Lisa!!!! your new painting is amazing....but these fans have to be the icing on the cake!!! what fun!!!!


Eric Barclay said...

You have a very cute fan base! The painting is just awesome.

Lisa M Griffin said...

Thanks guys! They do make it all worthwhile. ;)

Betsy Grant said...

It is nice to have fans no matter the age (family or not)! Please visit me at I'm a musician, but I started this site for those interested in learning processes, creativity, and being an artist. Keep up your good work!

Lynne Chapman said...

What a lovely photo!

Mimchi said...

Hi Lisa!

We're just so excited having your artistic talents and creative mind join the SwordPen Publishers family!

Looking so forward to your drawings!