Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why do you Network?

net•work (net-wurk) an association of individuals having a common interest, formed to provide mutual assistance, helpful information, or the like

I probably began networking about a year out of college. Back then it was pretty much via letter or phone call or even over lunch, that would be "old school" networking. Now, it's mainly done online through  forums and online networks (linkedin immediately comes to mind), blogging, as well as via phone and over coffee - at a store with Wifi.  Times have certainly changed, and for me, so has networking. Where it was once all about getting a job, networking has become a "social hour" for me. I find that the creative people I meet through these various online sites, have become a wealth of support, information, talent, hope, generosity and inspiration. Online friends across the country... actually the globe, who offer a kind word, who take a moment out of a busy day to drop in and say hello and who recharge my creative soul. Sure, networking is still a great way to visualize what I do, which could lead to being noticed by a new publisher or art director, but it is so much more! So my question to you is, why do you Network?

And to back up my theory of the talent and generous spirit of my creative online friends, check out this wonderful giveaway being hosted by Joseph Allen at Hand Stamped Jewelry. He is giving  to a lucky winner a hand stamped necklace of their choosing (and he has LOTS of beautiful options) plus a $50 gift card to Target or Walmart. Seriously, it's an amazing giveaway, so check it out!


andrea said...

Funny you should mention this now as I am planning to simplify and revamp my whole online networking life. Funny what a little bad service from an ISP will start. Now I want to change EVERYTHING. :)

Lisa M Griffin said...

Change is good! :)
Good luck with your revamp.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I am not sures what you mean...
Are you askinh why I started to blog.. its becasue I wanted to take a chance and venture outside my box.
I wanted to try something new.
I have even ventured so far from my box that I have met some of my friends that I made from other states.
I have made friends, and found how to care for others far across the ocean or right next to me.
It was a challenge- a personal challenge. I always said I CAN'T DO IT... but, I did this at least.
I do not have any other networking and all I have is dial- up.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I Network cause it has so many benefits and the those benefits out way the cons for me. I love to meet people and find stuff. It's just 6 degrees of separation from someone who knows someone who knows someone else. You never know who you will befriend and what can come out of that relationship or meeting. I am all about relationship. Developing friends that work and last.
Thanks so much for your loving support Lisa. You will never know how much it touches my heart each time you share your heart and comment. I am ever grateful for special talented souls like yourself. You are truly an encouragement and blessing. Thanks again. V

Martina Simonic Adamic said...

Hmm, to meet new people, get new ideas and inspiration. Participate in different projects... And I hope that someone else can find inspiration in what I do as well. I just resiliently start bloging, so really - to be "out there" and share my self.
Have a creative day,

Martina Simonic Adamic said...
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