Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Artist Highlight - Joseph Allen Designs

For this month's artist highlight, we have Joseph Allen Designs. He graciously offered to take time from his busy schedule creating hand-stamped, inspirational, jewelry designs. Enjoy the interview everyone!

"Do something you love to do. Often when I am creating something new I ask myself this question: "If I sold 20 of these a day would I still enjoy making them?" - Joseph Allen

How did you become interested in jewelry design?
I often share with others the story of how jewelry found me. It was 1987 and
a beautiful spring day. I was hanging out with a friend of mine after
school. He wanted to get his bicycle from his brother who just so happened
to work at a jewelry manufacturing company. He went in to see his brother
and came out with a job. "Cool, maybe I could get one too!", I said. And I
did! I continued to work with various companies throughout the years until I
finally decided to become self employed in 1999.

What is your favorite metal to work with/why?
This would be a toss-up between Silver and Gold. Gold is definitely the
easiest to work with but the lower cost of silver allows me to have more
freedom in my designs.

Is there another artistic medium that you haven't tried yet, but would 
like to?
Yes, metal clay. I am often amazed at the creative designs many artists are
able to make using PMC. (Precious metal clay) There are so many hand stamped
designs out there that I'm always trying hard to keep my designs different
and I think this is an area that needs to be explored. I'm hoping I'll be
able to explore this area after the holidays.

What part of creating jewelry is the most appealing to you as an artist?
Pricing it. Ha Ha, just kidding. It would probably be the process of putting
it together. There is the designing, carving, cutting, casting, etc. but it
is the part when you're getting the new design put together that is probably
the most exciting to me. I've seen it in my head but then I'm able to see it
turn into something real. 

What piece of advice would you give to aspiring artists?
I've thought about this question for quite a while and decided to keep it
simple and go back to the root of all aspiring artists. Do something you
love to do. Often when I am creating something new I ask myself this
question: "If I sold 20 of these a day would I still enjoy making them?"

You can make one piece of jewelry for anyone in history... who, what would that piece 
be and why?
Judy Garland. I've always had this idea for an 18k yellow gold and platinum
ring. It is kind of a complex design but to put it simply it would have 3
diamonds set on each side of a large 2 carat round ruby. I think it would of
went well with her ruby slippers.
Thank you for your interview! I am sure it will be an inspiration to many artists 
and creative crafters alike! 


Diana Evans said...

oh how wonderful!!! so neat to be into jewelry design....and his work is amazing....thank you for this great interview Lisa...I will haver to check out more of Joseph's work....

Lisa M Griffin said...

Glad you enjoyed it Diana. I love what he has to offer.