Monday, May 16, 2011


In the midst of wrapping up this childrens book project and having it ready to be shipped off... I kicked off my semi-annual bogo sale in my Etsy shop. If you have not heard of Etsy before, do check it out as there are so many gifted and talented artists and crafters online. There is nothing like owning something uniquely handmade and truly one of a kind.
Happy Monday! And do pop in next week, as I hope to have permission to display the approved cover art for my latest childrens book. :)


Della said...

How exciting! Congrats on the book Lisa!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Thanks so much... will def. keep everyone posted, as it is such a lovely story.

tweedles said...

Wow ,,, a new book

Lisa M Griffin said...

Thanks! :)

Diana Evans said...

oh congrats on your latest book project Lisa!!!! and BOGO sale!!! what a fun idea!!!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Thanks Diana!