Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Sketch

pencil illustration by Lisa M Griffin, 2011
Just finished this piece today... it has been rattling around my creative conscious for a bit, so it was great to get it out on paper. I am going to combine it with a self-promo idea that I have been wanting to try out... will keep you all posted, especially if it works out.

Have a great week!
Lisa :)


Joni Nickrent said... fun! LOVE IT! Now that's some summertime fun for sure!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Thanks Joni! enjoy the holiday weekend. :)

Marie Noelle said...

That's really cute!!! I just discovered your blog and shop thru your Moxie Tonic interview!! How often do you update your blog? I'll be checking back!!!

Jack Foster said...

Love this guy Lisa! He is cool and confident. Makes me want to get out there with him. Nice work...oh and thanks for stopping by :o)