Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rippin' Flake Gator

"rippin flake gator" by Lisa M Griffin, watercolor & pencil

Working on some new illustrations between projects, and this guy is one of my favorites so far. Really happy with the color and texture, plus I did it as a personal challenge of sorts since I am not the biggest fan of large reptiles. :)
Recently sent out my first promotional postcard of the new year... with lots and lots of happy positive thought dust sprinkled on top.
Have a great week!


Betsy Grant said...

Your work is so enjoyable and well done. I know what you mean about large reptiles, but this one does seem to convey a real joy. I am a posting new music videos on my blogs almost every week which you might enjoy

marianne said...

This is one happy colorful croc!!!
You did a good job on a reptile dear :)


What a great image. Makes me smile just looking at it :)

Lisa M Griffin said...

Thanks so much!