Friday, February 17, 2012

On my desk... process & IF

sketch by lisa m. griffin, in process
Thought I would make the most of what I am working on... plus this graceful, lithe and gentle creature is perfect for the IF prompt FLUID this week. Working off the photos I had taken this past fall from a wonderful family vacation, it has brought bake wonderful memories and made the project even more enjoyable.
This sketch is in process and will be part of my redesigned website that will (hopefully) be live by end of February... or early March. I am really excited about the changes and direction the revamped website is going in. Have a great weekend and pop by next week for the completed giraffe illustration. :)


Shirley said...

What a wonderful sketch - can't wait to see the finished beautiful piece, Lisa! Love your Valentine's day post too..hope you've been well!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Thanks so much. I am working on it now, actually. :)

Diana Evans said...

oh this is super cool!!!!! you are so lucky to be working on giraffes!!!

bookbabie said...

Creative take on the theme today, good luck with the website design!