Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Prepping for my first Conference!

artwork copyright Lisa M.Griffin
I am running into the home stretch of preparations for NESCBWI 2013 Spring Conference, my first ever and boy the anticipation is really building. Just a few weeks left to get all my pieces in order, postcards printed and my poster design finalized, should be interesting to see how the weekend plays out. :)
Here in New Hampshire, spring has arrived... I am hoping that means "ole man winter" is officially on vacation. It has been lovely watching buds appear, hear birds sing through my open windows and (my absolute fave), listen to those wonderful little peepers at night.
Just waiting for my butterflies and dragonflies to appear....
Spring is so chock full of inspiration, isn't it?
Thanks for stopping by and happy creating,



Have a great time at the conference.

You must've received Spring earlier in your part of NH...haven't opened any windows here yet :)

valerie walsh said...

Have a wonderful time Lisa! I am sure it will bring you even more inspiration :) enjoy your spring weather, it is spring here too :))

studio lolo said...

Wow, I haven't been to one of those conferences in over 20 years! They weren't as big as they are now, but I still remember feeling overwhelmed.

Brings LOTS of handle bags to take your goodies home in. (brochures, catalogs, etc.)

I wish you the best! Do share when you get back :)