Thursday, August 29, 2013

On My Desk

On my desk, Lisa M Griffin. 8/2013
A snippet of my desk this early evening... with the kids back in school it has been a busy week for sure. Lots of sketches being done, proofs being sent out for TWO new picture book projects, and a half eaten box of delicious chocolates (okay, okay, there are only two left in the box but who can blame me, right?). I do find this time of year to be a challenge. Autumn usually means a much busier studio (which I love) and a busy family schedule as well. Finding the balance is key, but I do think that I am getting better with it as I mature/age. ;)

I hope that you all had a wonderful, creative, playful summer and I am sending lots of positive thoughts for a very happy and productive Autumn.
Thanks for your visit,



I hear ya with the shift to a busier mode now that school is that slow pace of summer. Congrats on your upcoming books! Thanks for visiting today :)

Jenni Price illustration said...

Yes here's to a productive Fall! It does seem hard to adjust to the kids in school though don't you think?? I think I would like to "adjust" with some of those chocolates! Hehee!

BTW....great sketch!

Krista said...

Hi Lisa! Woweee yo have been so busy-- Hooray! I so love summer and it ended way too soon, but it is nice to get back in a groove, too. Fall always feels like a fresh start.

Lisa M Griffin said...

Thanks for your visits, I always find them both encouraging as well as just plain lovely to read.
Happy Autumn!