Monday, September 9, 2013

IF- Hidden

c. Lisa M. Griffin
I haven't participated at Illustration Friday in months and missed it so. This weeks prompt HIDDEN immediately brought this illustration of mine to mind... I think it is because I have been "fall cleaning" the kiddo's rooms. As any parent knows, cleaning under the bed is the highlight of such a job. While I was pulling socks, toys, wrappers, books, crayons, trucks, hair ties, and all sorts of other random things out from beneath the bed, I began to wonder what else might be hiding under there. ;)

Have a wonderful week everyone and thanks for stopping by today.

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Jenni Price illustration said...

My daughter was sitting by me and told me how much she liked your illustration! This is totally true about finding mystery items under kid's beds. It can be scary under there! Heehee!