Thursday, January 2, 2014

Creative notes for 2014!

Creative Goals for 2014
What is that saying.... from the mouths of babes? I woke up and walked into my studio this snowy morning and found a collection of bright pink post it notes above my little artist's desk (we share a studio space, best to surround oneself with creative energy as much as possible). The sweet little notes beckoned my attention and it put a smile on my face immediately to see this collection of creative steps he had outlined.

Step 1. Have paper
well certainly this is an important step if you are an artist
Step 2. Make room to draw
this is due to the fact that the little artist tends to have a very cluttered workspace
Step 3. Get a pencil
yes, another important tool... pencil, check!
Step 4. Think of an idea
sometimes easier said than done, but yes, ideas are GOOD.
Step 5. Make place on paper
lucky boy... doesn't find looming white space of an empty page daunting at all.
Step 6. Think ahead or don't
LOL this just never fails to crack me up... just get right to it don't think about it, draw!!!
Step 7. Make a goal
so sweet... always good to have a creative goal.
Step 8. Make the character
only one? ;)
Step 9: Draw!
the simpliest and most important.

Without even knowing it, my little artist has begun our new year on such a happy, positive, creative HIGH note.  So from the mouths of babes and the talented and wise hand of my little artist... just DRAW!

Happy 2014 to all my creative friends and family near and far.



how wonderful :)

and thanks for visiting my blog...always fun to find a sweet comment from you. happy new year!

Diana Evans said...

love your little notes!!! wonderful work and I need to get more organized in 2014!!!!

Jenni Price illustration said...

Ha!Ha! These little notes are so adorable!

Lisa M Griffin said...

Thanks ladies. Happy to spread the fun from my little one.

marianne said... cute these are:)
Wishing you you creative year as well dear!