Wednesday, May 7, 2014


"Great children's books are wisdom dipped in art."
- Peter H. Reynolds

Thank you Peter H. Reynold's for the tip - finding inspiration and writing it down on a napkin.
This photo is affectionately titled "Author-ish"

Such a powerful quote. I wrote it down during the NESCBWI conference this past weekend. Peter H. Reynolds gave the keynote speech on Saturday at the conference and he was an amazing ball of positive energy. As an admirer of his for many years and fan of The Dot Club it was wonderful to hear him speak and even more amazing to be in his fireside chat group that followed.
What is truly wonderful about a weekend spent at a SCBWI conference is the energy - good vibes that are bouncing off walls, dancing around rooms and crackling through hallways. Whether it is nervous excitement, shock and awe, admiration, happiness, friendship, joy.... it doesn't really matter because they combine into something that is all GOOD.
This was my second regional conference and similar to my first, I walked into the hotel with an open heart and mind. I let the whole weekend unfold naturally, and in doing so, listened to many rousing talks, met several kindred souls, gazed upon wonderful artwork, hung out with fantastic people and attended superb workshops. Like a big ole sponge, I soaked everything in and then, at the end of the weekend, (you know back into the real world) I left that hotel filled with all that great energy that will carry me through the good moments in my creative pursuit and the not so good.
Watercolor by Lisa M. Griffin from Mary Jane Begin's workshop "Colors, Contrast & Compliments"
THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who inspired me this weekend, who smiled and said hello, who shared a drink, who made me laugh, who admired my work, who gave me food for thought, who changed my view on the world and who filled up my creative well. You all matter and have made such a difference! Don't stop doing what you love, if you stumble get back up and keep going! It is a marathon not a race... really, I am a firm believer in the tortoise and not the hare! :)

Handcrafted sketchbook by Kim McMullen
And last but not least, I had to share one of my very favorite goodies from this weekend! I left a workshop holding this beautiful, handcrafted sketchbook from Russ Cox and Renee Kurilla's fabulous (and all around fun) "Sketchbooks are Awesome!". It was made by a talented artist, Kim McMullen. Hand painted and bound with paper that has a deckled edge - this is one book that I will forever treasure. I was given permission by Kim to share her email -  she can custom make one of your very own. If you love sketching or journaling, this is one book that you will not want to put down. Happy Creating! :)


Bella Sinclair said...

Wow, sounds like a great event! I will have to look up the one in my area and consider attending. Your painting is gorgeous! I love all those colors dancing around in there. And wow, the sketchbook is awesome! You will fill it with even more awesomeness, for sure.

Lisa M Griffin said...

It really was Bella... and you should think about attending a conference, you would really enjoy it. Thanks for your visit and have a great week! :)

Kathy Jurek said...

hi Lisa,

Thanks for visiting my blog! I saw you went to NESCBWI and my first thought was Nebraska (where I live) had a conference and I missed it? So I looked it up and saw New England! So close to my heart as I was born in Providence and raised in Southeastern MA. Of course it was wonderful because there are so many great artists out there. Your sketchbook is absolutely a beautiful treasure and will hopefully inspire you to create lots of great art. ;)

Lisa M Griffin said...

Yes, I noticed that you were from this area originally. Thanks for popping by. :)