Monday, January 19, 2015

Set simple goals - free downloads

Do you have a creative goal or a dream for 2015? 
A brand new year is stretched out before you. What can you begin TODAY that will get you to where you want to be in 2016?

My suggestion... start simple. Plan mini-weekly goals that will help you reach a bigger goal. For example, I want to create several pattern collections this year. To help this become a reality (and not feel overwhelmed in the process) I have a mini-weekly goal in place to design at least 1 pattern a week. By doing so, I would have created a minimum of 52 patterns by the end of this year... how great is that! And YOU can do the very same for yourself, by thinking of one goal/dream that you would like to achieve this year and then plan out smaller goals that will bring you to that resolution.

To help you begin, I created two different Creative Goal templates. A complete planner with weekly schedule, monthly goal, and mini-goal section as well as thinking points regarding your goals for that week.

Creative Goals template by lisa m. griffin, partial sample
The other template was designed for those of us whose computer monitor looks like this....

This weekly planner couldn't be more simple, just print it out and attach sticky notes in the blank squares that outline your goals for the week. Once a task is done, tear off the sticky note and bask in the glow of self-satisfaction.
Goal list template by lisa m. griffin, partial sample

Click below to download either of these free templates:

DOWNLOAD Creative Goal planner (more detailed)
DOWNLOAD Creative Goal using sticky notes (more simplified)

Come back and visit to let me know which template design worked better for you in organizing your creative goals for the year.

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